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(Posted on Mar 22, 2009 at 02:30PM)  a  new travel networking  Travel Chat. find romance, find adventure

 where travel meets and matches people based on their travel style.

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Subject: Join now for FREE
(Posted on Mar 20, 2009 at 07:44AM)

Adventure travel for Singles EdateTravel

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(Posted on Feb 22, 2009 at 12:30PM)
In 2008 took on a women`s clothing franchise. We built and designed a website and created a "new" logo branding for the company.

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(Posted on Feb 17, 2009 at 03:10PM)
For Singles  I wanted to create a "safe" environment for females to find guys that are "serious" about looking to hook up and travel with a travel partner. A safe place to meet online & plan for that really cool trip. How often, being a single person, do you say out loud " I want to meet someone to go on a really crazy adventure eco friendly vacation, online, NOT when I get there. I, as a single person, hate travelling alone. I also find myself the ruthless victim of feeling like when I get to my travel destination everyone knows  I am alone and single. I want the option of finding other guys that are "serious" about travel & planning our trip together online in a safe comfortable environment. I hope you enjoy my offering, for singles of every age, ethenticity, that has a true passion for travel & wild adventures.  LetsVous

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(Posted on Feb 17, 2009 at 02:20PM)

The Fear Factor Men over 50 who are single again. Fear is

a terrible thing in a man. 

says my sister in law. Not quite 50 herself, a self professed

Martha Stewart with a heart of gold. This is one hot chick, trust

me. A domestic Goddess,artist, gourmet cook. Oh yeah, apparently the men say

she is a "hot" in the sack.

has, at any given time, a few guys on the go. This gets better,

and I mean much better. She will only date "older men"

over 60 is good, over 70 is preferable.
I can't count how many times I have tried to get her to think

young man's camp. Myself I like them YOUNG. Fresh, free thinking,

not yet tarnished or hardened by one too many divorces from

hell, no kids and no ex

wife from hell.

over 50 have usually had at least one marriage, possibly 2.

Kids. Issues like alimony and child support. Everytime they think they are getting one  step closer to leaving their past lives behind up comes the kids with hands out in fear that daddy's new lady is into him for gold digging reasons. The giddy, newly in love over 50 male, suddenly gets  a strong case of the Fear Factor.
We all know that successful established men usually got to that point

in their life with the help of their significant other. They

might have done so more than once. Well as sure as Jimmy Choo

make a great shoe, that significant other is going to want blood when he decides

to pack it up and leave. Cutting to the jugular is fair game for all ex's.
 Be damned

if the next girl in line is going to get any of it

gotta know it's going to come up. How many successful, well

established single guys over 50 do you know that aren't being

hunted down by the under 50 or over 50 single female?

you blame these guys? or do you think that they should buckle

into the commitment world that every single females wants to

lair her net over? Post your comments

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(Posted on Feb 16, 2009 at 05:25PM)


Here are some samples of creative fun interactive email campaigns created in 2008.

Award winning graphic`s team. If you want superior caliber and superior creativity you`ve come to the right place
Here is a small sampling of our company's past & current clients. We found that the more "fun" & eye popping the higher the conversion to in store traffic & online sales were.

One thing we found at webstager that not only did clients report a surge in online sales, but they also saw a huge increase to their in store traffic and sales.

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(Posted on Feb 16, 2009 at 03:16PM)


Big store retailers looking to mobile marketing

Franchisers like Wal - Mart, Gap, Target and Sears among a few that know they need to get mobile marketing to promote their product. SMS ( short message service, or text messages ) Keeping your customer base up to the minute with in store sales, promos or new arrivals. Theory is, that while your customer base is
out and about shopping or on the road, big store retailers see the
value and purpose of letting you know so you will "come in to shop"
recently launched an iPhone application that helps consumers comparison
shop and make purchases directly from their phones, while is
sending out sale alerts via Twitter.

Mobile marketing
"works" it reaches the masses, it allows retailers to alert, you, the
shopper, to what is happening in their retail space while you are
running errands, or plan to spend the day shopping.

In the next few years you will see more and more businesses executing SMS marketing
initiatives and establishing a more " cozy" one to one relationship with their consumers.
Small to medium sized business
will need to get on board sooner than later. It's very important that small to medium size business build upon their current email list
and grow that list. Remember, you are competing with big retailers who
will push you out of the way to try and collect and get your business.

At we offer our clients the ability to send email campaigns by SMS. Our SMS application will allow our clients to have the "full" image and text that you would see on any typical online newsletter on your computer or laptop.

You don't have to have laptop in hand or be in front of your desk top to get and view the SMS campaign.

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(Posted on Feb 16, 2009 at 02:57PM)
12, 2009


for Single women looking for a relationship with men who are serious
about the love of travel and meeting someone to travel with.
developed with single men & women in mind. Women
who want to hook up ( safely ) on an online social networking site that
brings people together who have a passion for travel.
I realized,
after much research and being in the online dating industry that there
are millions of single women & men who have a huge passion to
travel, but want to go with something they have met online.
has a very refined search engine that allows you to enter your travel
plans and serves you up other like minded single men and women
travelling to the same destinations.
on letsvous you can IM, text,
SMS, email & reach out to thousands of members who have filled out
their single travel profiles. Start now everything is FREE.

Here is what one recent single female had to say when she joined
a site for singles who are serious about travel, but would rather meet
someone online in a safe community to connect & hook up to a travel
destination together."
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Subject: Take the Grizzly Bear Quiz
(Posted on Feb 16, 2009 at 02:43PM)
Take the Grizzly bear quiz & find out what type of Grizzly you really are.

or follow this link to the Grizzly Bear Quiz
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