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Subject: Sail like a Canadian in Grenada
(Posted on Dec 11, 2011 at 02:40PM)

Tags: Learn to Sail, sailing courses; Grenada sailing, Canadian Yachting Association Courses
It has been said that the best thing about Canada  is leaving it in the winter. Even though we rarely admit to that 'W' word in the boating biz (we roll from fall to spring), there are a few times when getting outta here is a great idea.  If you've started your sailing and need to continue with a warm water fix, we're running courses on a Jeanneau SunFast 52 out of Grenada with Scott Watson, a great instructor who migrates south this time of year to sail in the second best place on earth.
Two distinct programs - CYA Intermediate and Caribbean Regattas

Contact us today for more details or to book.  Need to know how to sail like a Canadian in Grenada? - wear a toque, talk lots about the weather and handle the boat in style. 

Can't make it?  Scott is back here sailing with Cooper students this summer in the best place on earth (BC of course!)
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Subject: 2012 Courses Sneak Peek
(Posted on Oct 25, 2011 at 04:11PM)

Tags: Sailing School, sailing in bc, Learn to Sail, sailing lessons Vancouver, sailing instruction
We are finalizing our 2012 course schedule at the moment and have some exciting new programs to unveil.  
Some of our programs have a habit of booking quickly, so we are introducing a few of them here so people can get thinking about them and start planning - contact the office today to enrol:
Advanced Sailing - Inside Passage - Vancouver to Prince Rupert starts June 1
Rally Around Vancouver Island - June 17 Multiple Boats - Do CYA Intermediate, Advanced or Offshore
CYA Intermediate (Caribbean) - Grenadines - Starts January 2012 (details coming soon)
7 Day Advanced Sailing - July 21 Vancouver to Ucluelet or August 11 Ucluelet to Vancouver
7 Day Offshore Sailing - August 4 (Start/Finish Ucluelet)
VHF - January 7  or February 18Coastal Navigation - January 16 or February 13
The remaining courses in 2011 still have openings:
Diesel Course (1 Day) November 20Advanced Diesel Starts November 22
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Subject: START HERE - New Friendly Schedule & Modular Format
(Posted on Nov 16, 2010 at 08:03AM)

Tags: Sailing School, sailing in bc, Learn to Sail, sailing lessons Vancouver, sailing instruction
To compliment the friendly instructors we have around here, we've re-organized the courses into a modular format to allow people with busy lives to get this great pastime into their lives and ensure the sailing classes meet student objectives.  Surrounding the basic level for new sailors is three core modules - CREW, BAY SKIPPER and CRUISING NUTS & BOLTS.  If you would like the well rounded, cover all the bases approach, take all three modules.  If you are looking to sail smaller keelboats (perhaps with our sailing club - the JIB SET - you can take the CREW module and start crewing on the 24 footers - putting your new skills into practice and having a lot of fun with the great group of people in our club.

Progress to the BAY SKIPPER level when you are keen to take things up a level and be comfortable in command of these great pocket cruisers -

Looking to crew on larger boats, take the CREW module followed by the CRUISING NUTS & BOLTS weekend.

Skippering these boats is best done with the BAY SKIPPER module in English Bay before the CRUISING NUTS & BOLTS weekend to Gibson's on the Sunshine Coast.

None of these modules is over one week in duration and can fit into a busy work schedule.  Need any help - our office is open daily and ready to assist.

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Subject: 2010 Sailing School Catalogue Available
(Posted on Dec 23, 2009 at 02:47PM)

Tags: Sailing School, Schedule, 2010, Learn to Sail
It's ready - the 2010 sailing school course lineup is ready - both in print and online Contact our office and we'll be happy to mail you a copy to browse as you recover from holiday indulgences and plan lots of fun on the water in the happiest of new years. 

We have devoted the beginning of this year's publication to providing a new overview of various programs and how they all fit together.  For those you meet at this special time of year that have always wanted to start sailing, there is also a section about "Brand New to Sailing." It's great to introduce people to this activity and that's what this new part of the publication is all about.

For those who've started and want to continue with our course lineup, you will also find trusted favourites and some interesting new programs. The power boat courses are on-line and we'll follow up with that material next year in print for those so inclined.

The office is open daily except for the afternoon of the 24th and 31st along with the entire day on December 25, 26 and January 1.  As you plan for some great times on the water in 2010, we're here to get you there!

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