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Subject: honey, where did all the furniture go?
(Posted on Dec 30, 2011 at 04:24PM)

Tags: Granville Island, boat charters, boating courses, office renovation, Vancouver Sailing Club
Well, the holiday gremlins are hard at work morphing our Granville Island office from the 'just moved in look' to a boating lifestyle showcase. The office renovation is full speed ahead because these guys don't know what the word holiday means!  

So, the office is a little 'less than furnished' and we are camped out at the JIB SET Vancouver Sailing Club clubhouse across the street. We have no phones, computers or internet for that matter back at the office.  If you need to call, try our JIB SET phone number first - 604.789.6576 

Where's all the furniture in this picture?

At the same time, the hood is up on the website booking/reservation engine (basically, it doesn't work at the moment).  As the website mechanics close the hood, we'll have a new engine driving our online sales with all the security and shopping features to make it a great experience for boat charters and boating courses. 
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Subject: Things you can only see on a boat charter in Vancouver!
(Posted on Jul 1, 2011 at 05:05PM)

Tags: boat charters, bareboat charters vancouver, boat charter BC
Today in front of Canada Place the rescue helicopters were giving a show and while thousands of people crowded the shore of the new convention centre and shoreline, the view from the water was spectacular.  Boat charters allow a vantage point that others just don't get!    

We can help you book charters in Vancouver and enjoy this fascinating harbour and points well beyond.  British Columbia is the best place on earth and you can start exploring BC by boat by contacting Cooper
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Posted by: on Jan 25, 2012 at 09:58
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Subject: Get those long boat holidays booked in now
(Posted on Oct 29, 2010 at 10:03AM)

Tags: boat charter BC, sailboat charter, Catamaran, boat charters, power boat charters
As the calendars start to fill up, it becomes progressively more challenging to fit the long reservations in.   We already have a bunch of 2 week bookings for 2011, along with a few 3 and 4 week reservations on key boats.   It is so fantastic to get out for a long time as our coast has so many places to see and one can truly unwind on a long adventure on the water.   Cooper is uniquely positioned to handle these longer bookings as clients can effectively start at one base and make a 'pitstop' at another base along the way.
Remember, the moment you have the reservation, you can start planning and really looking forward to your adventure on the water.  We've collectively got the most experience helping people plan spectacular trips on this coast.

To help checking boats by date available, please take a look at our secure online booking system.  Our system is compliant with the new credit card rules and open 24/7 so you can plan from the comfort of your own home. 

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