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Subject: honey, where did all the furniture go?
(Posted on Dec 30, 2011 at 04:24PM)

Tags: Granville Island, boat charters, boating courses, office renovation, Vancouver Sailing Club
Well, the holiday gremlins are hard at work morphing our Granville Island office from the 'just moved in look' to a boating lifestyle showcase. The office renovation is full speed ahead because these guys don't know what the word holiday means!  

So, the office is a little 'less than furnished' and we are camped out at the JIB SET Vancouver Sailing Club clubhouse across the street. We have no phones, computers or internet for that matter back at the office.  If you need to call, try our JIB SET phone number first - 604.789.6576 

Where's all the furniture in this picture?

At the same time, the hood is up on the website booking/reservation engine (basically, it doesn't work at the moment).  As the website mechanics close the hood, we'll have a new engine driving our online sales with all the security and shopping features to make it a great experience for boat charters and boating courses. 
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Subject: Do you need an ICC?
(Posted on Dec 12, 2011 at 09:45PM)

Tags: boating courses, ICC, International Certificate of Competency, International Yacht Training

If you are operating a boat in Europe you will now need an International Certificate of Competency (ICC) and Cooper Boating through its partnership with International Yacht Training can now help you obtain these documents.


The approval to issue the International Certificate of Competence was awarded to the IYT Worldwide by the Irish Department of Transport of the Government of Ireland on January 21st 2011.

 With European governments currently juggling budgets, the police and enforcement bodies are scrambling with reduced budgets and consequently are only too happy to fine you for not having the required paperwork.  Accordingly, charter companies in the affected regions will generally not even accept your charter reservation if you do not hold an ICC. 

Unlike the Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card, the International Certificate of Competency requires demonstration of required skills in a practical setting - it's not just a quiz, but time on the water with an approved instructor who is willing to sign off that you meet the requirements.  Courses can be a lot of fun and great review before being examined for an ICC.  If you are 'up to speed', we can arrange to have you tested as soon as you are ready - Cooper is open year round in the mild west coast climate. Plan early to get your ICC as it combines practical evaluation and theory.

The Mediterranean is a beautiful place to charter and a group from Cooper Boating sailed there in September 2011 with Marla able to organize all their requirements ahead of time and that lead to smooth sailing indeed. 

Past graduates of IYT Worldwide may automatically obtain an ICC based on their current IYT Worldwide qualifications.  The ICC complies with the Economic Commission for Europe, Resolution No.40 on International Certificates for Operators of Pleasure Craft.

This certification allows the operator to command a pleasure craft up to 24 meters in length (78 ) or 80 gross tons. This certification was previously only available (through IYT Worldwide) to Irish and U.K citizens but is now available to everyone.

For further information on how to obtain your ICC please contact Cooper Boating today.

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Subject: Welcome Back Cropper!
(Posted on Jan 9, 2011 at 04:47PM)

Tags: Cooper Boating Sidney, bareboat charters, boating courses, Steve Cropper
A big welcome back to Steve Cropper - back in the lead of the Sidney dock after a break from Cooper the past few years (to build a home on Mayne Island).   Steve started as a few of our regular crew did - first as a client - renting boats out of Granville Island, then becoming an instructor, followed by some time working in the office.  He spent some time nearby as captain of small commercial vessels.    
Now he's back taking the lead for the care of our boats based in Sidney for spectacular boating courses and bareboat charters.

Steve also has a background - pre boat biz - of TV and film production - we think our You Tube channel shall benefit by better material this season!

Steve can be reached via email and through our main dock number in Sidney -  2 5 0 . 8 8 3 . 2 6 2 8  ( 8 8 3 .  B O A T )

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