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Subject: 10 most common signs that your computer is infected.
(Posted on Jul 5, 2010 at 05:57PM)

Tags: computer virus, computer repair, computer support, virus removal, data recovery
Four words that every computer user hate to read: "Your computer is infected." Sadly, with all of your best efforts, there is still the possibility of a virus infecting your computer. While many viruses may not create any recognizable symptoms, some will affect your computer's performance and your productivity.

                                     So, here are the top 10 most common signs that your computer is infected.

#1: WOW is My Computer Slow.

After a virus sneaks onto your computer your system may slow down. Why? Because the software is using up so much of your memory that your PC cannot keep up with whatever it is you are working on. Alternatively, some infections cause a slow down as they are destroying files or otherwise creating chaos within the operating system. If your computer tends to run more efficiently within safe mode, You are likely infected.

#2: Hello? Are You There?

A general lack of response from your operating system is a good indication that your computer has become infected is . Click, click, click but still nothing! Maybe your screen has frozen and you are forced you to press Alt+Ctrl+Del or initiate other means to restart your home computer. You are likely infected.

#3: The Seriously STRANGE Computer...

Strange behavior; first it's on and then... it's off... and then.... on again and... well, you get the idea. Operating system crashes and restarts without good reason usually stems from a virus. This style of erratic behavior can cause additional damage if left unchecked. Is this happening to you? If so, You are likely infected.

#4: Hey! Where is My Antivirus?
Once infected by a virus, your operating system may have experienced some uninvited and unusual changes to your security settings, including manipulation your Firewall leaving you exposed to an entire host of other viral threats ready to , compound your problem. Without a guard at your door, who knows what is being let in to play with your information. Is this happening to you? If so, You are likely infected.

#5: What the !@#$ happened to my document?

When software applications suddenly decide that they are fickle or don't want to work at all, you are likely experiencing the effects of an infection on your computer. Maybe you can open your application, but your formatting or fonts are all incorrect and your program will not cooperate. Has this ever happened to you. If so, you are likely infected.


Think of all of your documents, photos, music files and other information held on your hard drive. Now you start your computer to find the message "OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND." Panic sets in - suddenly not being able to access your hard disk feels devastating. Has this happened to you? If so, you are likely infected.

#7: Printer problems?

If you are suddenly unable to print from your computer or if the items you print do not turn out correctly, a virus infection may be the problem.

#8: I Just Can't Do Anything Right

When you are attacked by a virus you may also receive some unusual error messages. Many error messages are legitimate as your PC attempts to warn you about the problem. However, in some instances, these supposed error messages are actually part of the virus program and are looking to encourage you to take certain actions that will only deepen your situation.  Maybe your have been approached by some uninvited Antivirus program that would like you to purchase it. Has this happened to you? If so, you are likely infected.

#9: Don't Curse your Cursor

When menus and dialog boxes on your computer become distorted oryour desktop wallpaper and have a new look, this could be your computer letting you know that you are under ATTACK. The bottom line is that when all does not appear normal, chances are good you have a virus. Has this happened to you? If so, you are likely infected.

#10: Annoying POPUPS!

When Pop Up ads unexpectedly show up to annoy you (particularly the ones that just won't go away) you can feel confident that Trojan activity is not far away. How ironic that many of these ads are often advertising Antivirus programs (although fake). Theses ads inform you that your system is polluted with dozens of viruses and may prompt you to purchase the anti-virus software in order to protect your computer.

Please note: Not all computer issues are a result of a virus or otherwise polluted operating system. Many issues can be caused by other problems with your system as a result of hardware issues caused by overheating, hardware conflict errors, motherboard issues, power issues, RAM issues and the list goes on.... Therefore, if you are experiencing a problem or feel your computer may have become infected, it would be wise to contact a professional to help resolve the problem.

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