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Subject: Demo of recycled tire fiber cleans up crude oil on animals safe
(Posted on Jul 5, 2010 at 10:07PM)

Tags: bilge buddy, upstream environmental, clean up solutions gulf spill, oil spill clean bird feathers, bob pooer
  This product was introduced to BP and was met with " We will get back to you" course BP has never gotten back to us. I am going to send this to Anderson Cooper, Larry King and all the TV stations far and wide in North America.
Stay tuned for updates and progress!

This is a product  ( oil binder ) that works using recycled tire fiber
-- this is an actual  real time demonstration of how simple &
totally effective product works.  We stand behind this product so much
that anyone wanting to use this product in the gulf we will ship FREE to
any fisherman, or anyone that makes a living from the ocean, and we
welcome any, or all wild life organizations that are working on animal
clean up in the Gulf.

Contact me at and tell us where you want this
product shipped ( on us  ) please pass this along                     

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