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Subject: Class of Valet
(Posted on Aug 12, 2010 at 04:53PM)

Tags: hospitality parking Los angeles, Parking, services, Steak
Pyramid Parking offers top level valet all over the county of Los Angeles so don't hesitate to valet next time you go out to have an elegant dinner with friends or family, the class of valet is always recognized.
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Subject: Valet Parking Beverly HIlls
(Posted on Jul 15, 2010 at 11:35AM)

Tags: services parking, hospitality Valet Parking, services parking in la, hospitality parking Los angeles

Beverly Hills Valet


The City of Beverly Hills is an
upper class community with many special events and private parties happening on
a regular basis. For most of these events, valet parking is a necessity due to
the amount of vehicles in relation to the available parking in the surrounding
area. Pyramid Parking, Inc. is ready to custom tailor valet parking and
management services
to fit your personal style. In fact Pyramid Parking, Inc.
already operates many of the valet Beverly Hills parking operations for the
finer restaurants in and around Beverly Hills including The Grill on The Alley,
Crustacean, Il Cielo and The Ivy to name just a few.  This makes Pyramid very familiar with the proper etiquette
to serve your important guests the way they deserve to be, as well as being
familiar with the city’s permit requirements.


that valet is a necessity is kind of an off statement. Although, when you have
a large special event or private party, the last thing on your mind should be
the parking arrangements. Not only that, you wouldn’t want your guests to walk
the long blocks it may take just to join the party, right? With valet parking
as a service, you really accommodate your guests to the level that they ought
to have and make your particular event that much classier.


jumping into picking from the parking companies available, you should consider
a few details. For example, how many attendees will be at your private event?
Is an offsite parking facility needed to accommodate the holding of cars? What
type of equipment does the operator provide and where should the valet podium
be positioned in relation to the venue? Once you have considered all of these
aspects you should then begin to look for the right company for the job.


it comes to picking between the many valet parking companies you should always
look into whether the companies are qualified especially since, in the city of
Beverly Hills, valet parking permits are required. On top of that, you should
see whether the company is capable of accommodating your needs. Pyramid
Parking, Inc. is a family of parking service excellence and has been since
. Our team is always ready to custom tailor our services to your needs.


properly planning a special event, everyone needs reliable and experienced
parking attendants and services. Please, don’t just settle for less when it
comes to some of our competitors. Be sure that the permits are in order and the
experience is there like Pyramid Parking, Inc. For more information please
visit our website and click on the event planner button to fill out a form for
your special event or simply contact us to get 
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