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Subject: Will the iPhone blend?
(Posted on Apr 20, 2010 at 08:32PM)

Tags: iPhone, Broadcast blogs
Will the iPhone blend with the rest of the mainstream apps. I don't think so - but it might add something to a new smoothy drink!

Check this short video 'Will it blend'

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Subject: Chatting with Autoviolet's Amy Arsenault
(Posted on Apr 15, 2010 at 01:40PM)

Tags: Autoviolet, Indie Music, Pearl Autoviolet

Amy dropped by the office today to talk about her up and coming album. Just out of the recording studio, Autoviolet plans to start their tour starting the Fall 2010.



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Subject: Easter Sunday - Social Media Updates
(Posted on Apr 4, 2010 at 09:55AM)

Tags: Everyone talking Social Media
As many trends go, it's interesting to watch the latest hot topic on what it seems like everyone's minds - social media. When ex strippers and porn stars start referring to themselves as 'social media experts'  in our crazy world this might mean that social media has truly met main stream.

I also think it may be an indication that no one has really figured out just what social media is - but are eager to jump on the band wagon or risk being left behind.

As the social media craze continues there are going to be more and more people jumping into the expert arena. More and more workshops will surface, courses - even TV advertorials for learn at home and get rich quick schemes.

We've already seen late night talk show hosts adopt Twitter and Facebook.

I am watching to see what's next in this always on socially charged world.

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Subject: CinemaZoo CTV News Event
(Posted on Dec 28, 2009 at 10:05PM)

Tags: CinemaZoo., Gary Oliver, CinemaZoo CTV

Oops - CTV News exec wouldn't mention site in
their news cast or web site... not politically correct - amd were
really glib about on the phone!

(I guess these big guys call the shots broadcasting wise!)

That's OK -  they've been overtaken - by my company's proprietary news broadcasting technology platform!

Any Google search for CinemaZoo CTV has our links as #1 and #2 - CTV doesn't exist anywhere.

When are dinosaurs going to get with the 21st Century!

OMG - a National news broadcasting company out shadowed by Internet broadcasting technology on their news stories.

"Where's the ice man this week? I still like my ice box!"; snorts the
old world TV exec via the vaccum tube delivery system to his assistant. "What's
with this "World Wide InterWeb" talk I've been hearing about lately?
Young people, what do they know!"

It's a new world everyone.

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Subject: Google Announces Real Time Search Updates
(Posted on Dec 13, 2009 at 09:29AM)

Tags: Real Time Search, social media tools
An announcement that may change the way we think of and use search engines!

It used to take months for search engines to index (or shuffle their search rankings) web sites. All the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts were looking for ways to speed up the process. Changing content became popular and as bloggers started becoming active, it was rumored that Google updated blog sites faster than normal web sites. Now there's social media. Twitter and Facebook have changed the way we communicate. Other social media sites are updating news and views in real time. Now Google has announced technology to keep up with this real time news.

Real time search. That's big news for companies like mine. We develop social media technology that enhances search engine visibility.

A few years ago I stumbled upon some things that attracted search engine rankings while doing email marketing and search engine optimization for client companies and my own member platforms.

While performing some of the tasks I noticed that my search rankings would increase. The only thing was I have to keep up the processes or other companies would overtake my efforts as everyone is competing for top spot these days.

That's when we started creating technology that would enhance the processes I had discovered. What's more, if a group uses the social media tools, the result to a client's web site is like having an army of marketing people.

It should be exciting to see what happens on the Internet over the coming months as the reality of real time updates becomes a reality.

We'll be constantly updating our platforms and looking at new ways - like mobile to enhance and enrich people's lives.

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