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Subject: Easter Sunday - Social Media Updates
(Posted on Apr 4, 2010 at 09:55AM)

Tags: Everyone talking Social Media
As many trends go, it's interesting to watch the latest hot topic on what it seems like everyone's minds - social media. When ex strippers and porn stars start referring to themselves as 'social media experts'  in our crazy world this might mean that social media has truly met main stream.

I also think it may be an indication that no one has really figured out just what social media is - but are eager to jump on the band wagon or risk being left behind.

As the social media craze continues there are going to be more and more people jumping into the expert arena. More and more workshops will surface, courses - even TV advertorials for learn at home and get rich quick schemes.

We've already seen late night talk show hosts adopt Twitter and Facebook.

I am watching to see what's next in this always on socially charged world.

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