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Subject: Upstream Created Real Time Updates
(Posted on Dec 13, 2009 at 12:52PM)

Tags: Environmental news, water separation
In an environmental first, Upstream Environmental has taken the first step to broadcasting real time environmental news to the entire planet. Last weel Google announced a change is the way the Internet works by rolling out their real time update technology. Web sites and news in the past would wait months for their real time news to be updated via the variuos search engines.

By utilizing the broadcast capabilities of ThemeGreen blogs - vital news related to environmental news is going to be immediately broadcast far and wide to Upstream Environmental's social networking and social media sites.

Now that Goggle is updating various search terms on a real time basis, environmental news will be quickly picked up by the search engines for all the planet to benefit. At the same time other technologies built into this powerful social media tool will email or send SMS text messages to interested parties - as well as update news feeds on our web site.

We are also excited about our blog's Knowledge Bank capabilities. As we create news and views about various environmental events our 'knowledge tags' will constantly create a library of useful and searchable content. Our widgets will allow access to our immediate updates on any blog or web site.

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