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Subject: We have a viable, sustainable oil sop up product why won't BP
(Posted on Jun 27, 2010 at 04:36PM)

Tags: Gulf spill solution, gulf spill solutions,, solutions to the gulf oil spill, recycled tires used to take oil out of ocean
 This little guy cannot speak for himself, but we as a society can speak out for him, spread the word with this blog post
 Hello Everyone!
Our business partner has a recycled tires product that will take off ALL crude oil
that lies on top of water (oceans/lakes etc....) and will also take the oil off
of any animal species feathers and body. Literally, this stuff addresses the
problem of what to do with old tires (that would normally sit in a land fill
for decades) and takes the oil safely and completely off of all animal species.
I am in the middle of re doing the business video for this product (and it's
demonstration) have it done a professionally edit I will then go to the media
with this. Locally (in Canada) and then to CNN, Anderson Cooper. Our partner
has taken the time to physically go  down to Louisiana and introduce BP to this
product and was told 'we will get back to you course, they have not
gotten back to him! I am hoping to go live with the new demo video over the
course of the next few days, so stay with me.

I will be uploading the new Demo YouTube
video and will go live "virally" within the next few days. We know
this product works and stand behind it 100% We are even willing to ship this
product for "free" to anyone who wants to try it or use it. So,
anyone that relies on the ocean for a livelihood, or anyone who is in the gulf
right now helping clean the wild life that has been affected contact me at

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Subject: Iceland
(Posted on Apr 20, 2010 at 09:02PM)

Tags: Icslan vlocano
Crazy, melting snow, gases, a planet in peril by

on small country.
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Subject: Live NEW ENVOYJET siteby WebStager
(Posted on Apr 18, 2010 at 11:13AM)

Tags: private jet sales, private jets, corporate jets,, envoyjet
New Live ENVOYJET site -- We just went LIVE with the new ENVOYJET complete with a " point and click" back end content management application.           

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wWebStager is a full range online marketing, internet marketing email marketing firm based out of Vancouver B.C. Canada. We specialize in customized online broadcasting tools that will get your web presence to the top of Google in a matter of minutes to 24 hours. We have been honing and refining our online blog platform for many many years. We have now refined and automated the whole SEO ( search engine optimization ) I can give you a few "recent" examples ( below ) of how powerful our broadcasting technology gets you to the first page of Google "organically" 

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Subject: 2010 Paralympic games in Vancouver almost done
(Posted on Mar 19, 2010 at 05:18PM)

Tags: 2010 paralympic games, 2010 games vancouver, 2010 paralympic ctv news, ctv news paralympic games, ctv news coverage paralympic games 2010
Sadly, the 2010 Paralympic Games are coming to a close this Sunday March 21st. It is kind of sad that the 2010 Olympic games and the 2010 Paralympic Games are and are going to be a thing of the past. This city was so alive with B C Spirit and Canadian Spirit. I know all things must come to an end, but wouldn't it be nice if there was another major event in Vancouver that would be even slightly in line with the games to pour the massive amts. of energy this city has seen over the last month!   
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Subject: George Yaletown Hockey Game today TEAM Canada GO!!!!!!!!!!!
(Posted on Feb 28, 2010 at 11:21AM)

Tags: george cam, george 2010 hockey game canada us, hockey game 2010, winter games hockey, ctv winter games hockey
Let's believe that Team Canada will serve us the 14th Gold Medal for Canada -- It's crazy busy here at George Lounge in Yaletown. The energy, the cheering and excitement can be heard from miles away. As a Canadian I am so very proud of all of our athletes. The buzz that has been olympic fever here for the last few weeks will continue in our hearts for many weeks to come. From us here at George Lounge to Team Canada Go for Gold!                   
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Subject: Bar Mixlympics - NBC Covering
(Posted on Feb 21, 2010 at 12:43PM)

Tags: Bar Mixlympics, olympic games vancovuer, closing ceremony 2010, closing ceremonies 2010, olympics games vancouver
The Bar "Mixlympics" is happening today at George Lounge.

You can view the action real time via web cam via one of the 3 hi res web cams operating 24 X 7 as we broadcast live to the planet. We are now the top 2 web cam spot on

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Subject: Gold for Canada 2010 Winter Games Alexandre Bilodeau
(Posted on Feb 15, 2010 at 02:29PM)

Tags: Men's moguls skier Alexandre Bilodeau, common wealth 2010, win whistler, canada wins gold whistler, 2010 gold canada
Alexandre Bilodeau grabs top spot and wins Gold for Canada. The 22 year old from Montreal ripped down Cypress Mountain to win the 1st gold Canada has ever won hosting the Olympic Games. The humble story of Alexander Bilodeau has garnerred  him not only a Canadian but Globabl fan base. His older brother, Frederic has Cereberal Palsy.
Bilodeau's emotions spilled over and passed on his enoromous pride and triumph to everyone watching and had Canadian's swelled up to tears along with him.

Quote Alexandre " My brother is my inspiration" he said. Frederic, who has cerebral palsy, he is also listed in the Canadian team guide as Mr. Bilodeau's hero, along with his pal free style skier Jean-Luc Brassard. ( my interperation of the story )
I was a bit shock and appalled that the french mogul skier, Guilbaut Colas of France, was at the bottom of his run waiting for his marks and when it was officially announced that Bilodeau was indeed the gold medal winner Guilbaut walked right by him without so much as a nod. Horrible sportsmanship, Guilbaut showed how unclassy the french mogul skier was shown to the eyes of the world. I also took great notice of the very " tumoltous, much talked about" Past Mogul champ, Dale Begg Smith took silver with his usual " no show of emotion" & lack of acknowledgement of his other podium winners. I have been following closely, Smith's coverage, from the Australian press and I must say the press version of how "nothing fazes him and he is stoic & focused" to me is a whole boat load of press junket rubbish. He acts and appears to have absolutely 0 personality & clearly looks way too full of himself.                 

Goes to show you that, sometimes, the good guy does finish on top, in Alexander's case GOLD.   

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Subject: Opening Ceremony 2010 Winter Games George Yaletown big screen
(Posted on Feb 13, 2010 at 11:29AM)

Tags: opening ceremony 2010 winter games, 2010 olympics winter games, 2010 vancouver winter games, canada winter games 2010, bc winter games 2010
At George Lounge & Wine Bar Yaletown. Watching the 2010 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony on one of the big screen TV's set up at George Restaurant in Yaletown. Opening ceremonies are cause for great celebration, but the people of Vancouver felt the sadness from the tragic death of the Olympic Luger from Georgia. Nodar Kumaritashvili was only 21 years old. There is a lot of controversy about the luge track at Whistler. I found the opening Ceremony to be full of hope, energy, color and magic. I thought it did a good job of speaking to the audience on a global level, a modern Canada. It showed how passionate we are as Canadians about this beautiful Country

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Subject: George Lounge Olympic Coverage
(Posted on Feb 12, 2010 at 09:50PM)

Tags: 2010 vancouver winter games opening ceremonies, commonwealth games 2010, 2010 webcam coverage winter games, 2010 winter games
Things were hopping at George Lounge tonight during the 2010 Olympic Ceremonies as Olympic fans gathered to watch coverage on the many flat screen TVs throughout George Lounge.

The crowd watching the coverage.


and outside - 24 X 7                                                                                                             

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Subject: 2010 Web Cam coverage Olympic Winter games it's here...
(Posted on Feb 12, 2010 at 06:13PM)

Tags: 2010 web coverge winter games, 2010 winter games ctv news, 2010 winter games coverage nbc, 2010 coverage vancouver winter games, 2010 webcam coverage winter games
The 2010 Winter Games opening ceremony has just begun. Over the following 2 weeks I will be broadcasting from George/Brix Restaurant in Yaletown. We are going to be setting up one of the high rez camera in the George Lounge and Wine bar. You can peek at all the 2010 visitors, athletes and celebs that will be showing up at the most trendy, most visited Restaurant Lounge Wine bar in Yaletown. If there are any celebs in the area, you can be sure they will stop by George before heading home.
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Subject: LIVE George Restaurant Web Cams installation is now LIVE
(Posted on Jan 31, 2010 at 02:28PM)

Tags: marketing vancouver, email marketing vancouver, web design vancouver, social media, pr vancouver
One of 3 high resolution web cams has now been installed outside George Restaurant in Yaletown. The other 2 web cams will be installed on Wednesday. One will be positioned facing east the other facing west, full exposure. People put your best face forward! this is live web streaming 24/7

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Subject: 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver
(Posted on Jan 21, 2010 at 06:28PM)

Tags: 2010 vancouver winter games, 2010 winter games, nbcolympics, the 2010 winter games, 2010 winter x games
Getting really excited about the up coming games in Vancouver. I will be following 2010 skating, mens, womens free and dance. I will probably also be following the ski events & bob sledding events. Bring on the games.

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Tomorrow. Our Team will be setting up the live web cams for 2010 Vancouver Games. The high resolution cameras will be setup outside of the very trendy, super popular George Restaurant in Yaletown.

I will doing the real time online broadcast posts several times a day. It will be really cool seeing people from around the globe coming to our beautiful Vancouver to participate in the sporting event in Vancouver Games Who knows what kind of activity you will see. The streams will be live 24/7.
Stay tuned for the flurry of people and activity at George on Hamilton Street Yaletown

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Subject: 2010 high rez. camera WebStager installation next week stay....
(Posted on Jan 15, 2010 at 03:53PM)

Tags: live web cam, 2010 vancouver games, outdoor camera, ip camera, web cam coverage
WebStager is going to be installing 3 live outdoor web cameras in a heavily trafficked area in Vancouver. You can watch live feeds of the tourists who will be attending the 2010 games, as well as the athletes. It's going to be very exciting and interesting. Will have more to post next week as to when we will be streaming live. WebStager will be acting as Citizen Journalist for the outdoor venue we will be hosting.   
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