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Subject: Gold for Canada 2010 Winter Games Alexandre Bilodeau
(Posted on Feb 15, 2010 at 02:29PM)

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Alexandre Bilodeau grabs top spot and wins Gold for Canada. The 22 year old from Montreal ripped down Cypress Mountain to win the 1st gold Canada has ever won hosting the Olympic Games. The humble story of Alexander Bilodeau has garnerred  him not only a Canadian but Globabl fan base. His older brother, Frederic has Cereberal Palsy.
Bilodeau's emotions spilled over and passed on his enoromous pride and triumph to everyone watching and had Canadian's swelled up to tears along with him.

Quote Alexandre " My brother is my inspiration" he said. Frederic, who has cerebral palsy, he is also listed in the Canadian team guide as Mr. Bilodeau's hero, along with his pal free style skier Jean-Luc Brassard. ( my interperation of the story )
I was a bit shock and appalled that the french mogul skier, Guilbaut Colas of France, was at the bottom of his run waiting for his marks and when it was officially announced that Bilodeau was indeed the gold medal winner Guilbaut walked right by him without so much as a nod. Horrible sportsmanship, Guilbaut showed how unclassy the french mogul skier was shown to the eyes of the world. I also took great notice of the very " tumoltous, much talked about" Past Mogul champ, Dale Begg Smith took silver with his usual " no show of emotion" & lack of acknowledgement of his other podium winners. I have been following closely, Smith's coverage, from the Australian press and I must say the press version of how "nothing fazes him and he is stoic & focused" to me is a whole boat load of press junket rubbish. He acts and appears to have absolutely 0 personality & clearly looks way too full of himself.                 

Goes to show you that, sometimes, the good guy does finish on top, in Alexander's case GOLD.   

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