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Subject: George Lounge Olympic Coverage
(Posted on Feb 12, 2010 at 09:50PM)

Tags: 2010 vancouver winter games opening ceremonies, commonwealth games 2010, 2010 webcam coverage winter games, 2010 winter games
Things were hopping at George Lounge tonight during the 2010 Olympic Ceremonies as Olympic fans gathered to watch coverage on the many flat screen TVs throughout George Lounge.

The crowd watching the coverage.


and outside - 24 X 7                                                                                                             

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Subject: 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver
(Posted on Jan 21, 2010 at 06:28PM)

Tags: 2010 vancouver winter games, 2010 winter games, nbcolympics, the 2010 winter games, 2010 winter x games
Getting really excited about the up coming games in Vancouver. I will be following 2010 skating, mens, womens free and dance. I will probably also be following the ski events & bob sledding events. Bring on the games.

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