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Subject: We have a viable, sustainable oil sop up product why won't BP
(Posted on Jun 27, 2010 at 04:36PM)

Tags: Gulf spill solution, gulf spill solutions,, solutions to the gulf oil spill, recycled tires used to take oil out of ocean
 This little guy cannot speak for himself, but we as a society can speak out for him, spread the word with this blog post
 Hello Everyone!
Our business partner has a recycled tires product that will take off ALL crude oil
that lies on top of water (oceans/lakes etc....) and will also take the oil off
of any animal species feathers and body. Literally, this stuff addresses the
problem of what to do with old tires (that would normally sit in a land fill
for decades) and takes the oil safely and completely off of all animal species.
I am in the middle of re doing the business video for this product (and it's
demonstration) have it done a professionally edit I will then go to the media
with this. Locally (in Canada) and then to CNN, Anderson Cooper. Our partner
has taken the time to physically go  down to Louisiana and introduce BP to this
product and was told 'we will get back to you course, they have not
gotten back to him! I am hoping to go live with the new demo video over the
course of the next few days, so stay with me.

I will be uploading the new Demo YouTube
video and will go live "virally" within the next few days. We know
this product works and stand behind it 100% We are even willing to ship this
product for "free" to anyone who wants to try it or use it. So,
anyone that relies on the ocean for a livelihood, or anyone who is in the gulf
right now helping clean the wild life that has been affected contact me at

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