Mimi Klingsat -  Creative Director

Mimi heads up WebStager's extreme design team. In fact, all the creative & interactive apps on this page (except Skype and Twitter icons) are our designs.


Mimi acted as creative director behind our popular Grizzly Bear Quiz included below:

Our Interactive 'GPS' IMGY Galleries



What's this? We created our own location based galleries combined with blog and twitter features to broadcast your Digital Marketing efforts.

Try Our 'What's Your Bear Personality Quiz.'
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Mimi Klingstat. Mimi has been involved in online marketing and developing online branding strategies since 1999. Her expertise lies in online competitive intelligence and search marketing combined with overseeing WebStager’s global team of creative talent.

Her role is to develop business and marketing strategies that utilize our own social tools, community platforms, melded with our creative design team to obtain the most for client companies.


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WebStager's team are from a wide range of unique life experiences which brings diversity to any project. With multi disciplined backgrounds we have digital media and message delivery in our blood.



Steven Arsenault. Steven started his career in software and was one of the early pioneers in bridging the gap between telecom systems and computer intelligence. His innovations landed his company an exclusive global license to power call management of one of the world’s most successful digital telephone systems. The application became the largest selling product of its kind globally in less than 18 months. From there he helped shape global wireless strategy by acting as a strategy advisor to the early days of AT&T Wireless. Steven participated on the AT&T $13.6 billion acquisition of McCaw Cellular, the global introduction of SMS technology and helped combat the global war on cellular fraud. Parallel with that, he founded a company that developed Video On Demand technology. Partnered with a New Zealand cable company, the public company implemented and ran the world’s first commercial Video On Demand system. The company and it’s technology were later acquired for over $400 million US. Steven’s company was also a significant player in the newspaper voice personals industry with multi national Canadian media players. From there Steven became actively involved in the Internet specializing in messaging technologies, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization technologies. It was from this foundation that WebStager, it’s social media engine and social networking platforms were born. Steven’s role is to uncover and develop unique application technologies enhance their ‘arsenal’ of social tools and social networking platforms. These tools and application platforms allow WebStager to develop one of a kind marketing strategies and application platforms that utilize social tools, community platforms, messaging technologies, traditional and nontraditional media in order to empower brands to 'interact' with their audiences on all levels. Steven has filed several US patents in the messaging space, has a US patent in the area of 'Innovative Messaging'. Steven is a published science fistion writer and when he’s not inventing new and ‘game changing’ applications to enhance the way people communicate, he’s actively involved in a healthy lifestyle, tinkering with his classic Jaguar XK collection or donating time and applications to enhance the Global registry of XK Owners with innovative WebStager and ThemeGreen technologies. http://www.themegreen.com/imgy/xkworld/



Beauty meets power. Steven Arsenault in front of one of the classic XK Jaguars in his collection - a rare 'S' Type meaning high out put with its race prepared engine.

What's this? Our own collaboration galleries - powering a global registry of classic XK Jaguar owners.


Grizzly Project

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