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1.More Yahoo Fancouver!
2.I think this is what the designers had in mind for the Flame outside.
3.Zip Line in the downtown Vancouver!
4.Massive crowds come out when the sun shines!
5.Heading off to the game!
6.Hockey starting at the 2010 Olympics.
7.In the old days no one wore a mask.
8.Hockey is Canada's sport.
9.Picture says it all.
10.Original advertising
11.You gotta travel by bus - might as well be in style!
12.More inside Yahoo Fancouver
13.Vantage point from across the street of Yahoo's Fancouver.
14.I spent some time in Yahoo Fancouver yesterday. Everything was a buzz with the interviews. The computer networks are way fast, their web cams are streaming and the hot chocolate is great. They are directly across from our Web Cam location on Hamilton - see the pin on the map!
15.Here's what's standing as of Thurs Feb 18, 2010.
16.A bit better view of the fence in all it's glory.
17.Olympic Flame - they say they cut a hole in the fence for a better view.
18.Crowds everywhere!
19.Entire buildings covered
20.Vancouver Art Gallery
21.Celebrate gold
22.Vancouver City Hall in the background.
23.A look at downtown Vancouver from City Hall
24.Vancouver 2010 Olympic City
25.Inside George Lounge, things get heated as people watch the action.
26.Crowds gather in Mainland Street Yaletown
27.Live City - Vancouver's David Lam park.
28.Classic 1961 XK 150 Jaguar outside Brix restaurant,
30.Inside George
31.Waiting for action