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Engaging Cross Platform Audiences


The Changing Landscape Of The Entertainment Industry.


Social media is emerging at break neck speed into what many agrees is a 'revolution' in the way people and companies distribute and manages their news.

As the world embraces Social Media and Social Networking platforms, the mobile Internet and other emerging mediums, the entertainment industry is reshaping itself to span these platforms and deliver its message far and wide. is a pioneer in the development of custom social networking platforms combined with powerful collaboration technology capable of at the touch of a button delivering a common message reaching and attracting millions.

Remote IP Camera
Remote IP Camera.

Delivering Rich Media To A Global Audience.

The introduction of the next generation of IP cameras, better satellite access and a combination of new technologies have emerged over the past while opening up exciting new ways to deliver entertainment to an eager community.

WebStager with it's roots spanning Telecom, messaging and social platforms is on the leading edge of developing and implementing self powered IP camera delivery platforms for operation in extreme and remote locations. Designed to capture the secret lives of wild creatures, these self contained self powered devices transmit live Hi Res images real time to an eager global community.

“The fact that these IP Cams are self contained but capable of being part of a system wide network covering miles of often harsh territory makes them very versatile in just about any part of the planet.”; says Steven Arsenault, CEO of

“Using our suite of social media collaboration tools, our members are compelled to engage and enrol contacts from their own personal community. We’ve build our own blog and rich media ‘broadcasting’ technology that allows a single member to import their email contacts, enter their social media ID’s or mobile contacts – then at the touch of a button broadcast news or views to all their ‘spots’.

A noteworthy project showcasing all this technology is located deep in Canada’s western coastal mountain are called The Desolation Sound – Coastal Grizzly country. Working with a First Nation Community that operates a fish hatchery in a remote Pacific North West Coastal valley – the annual return of wild salmon provides feeding grounds for wild Grizzly bears.

Our team built a network of self powered Hi Res cameras around this primordial valley. The feeds transmit real time images live via satellite link to our social networking and collaboration site -


Delivering A Common Message On A Global Scale.


Member Powered Galleries
Member Powered Google Fused Maps

We even developed special mapping applications fused with Google Maps and integrated into our social networking platform.

Members fortunate enough to take one of the First Nation’s on ground tours can upload images then press one button and all their Outlook and mobile contacts notified so they can immediately share their contact’s adventure back home. Other tools update all their social spots such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

This type of real time collaboration is only going to get bigger in the world of entertainment as viewers are eager to experience the secret lives of wild creatures all over the planet.”


By engaging broadcasting tools in a social networking environment, we’ve empowered our social networking platform’s members to self promote any production and ultimately reach an audience farther and wider than using traditional or even Internet advertising. is in a unique position as it continues to pioneer the development of extreme interactive web properties, social networking properties and broadcast enabled social media tools combined with our own designs of self powered remote camera technologies. We make the elusive concept of ‘cross platforming’ a reality with the touch of a single button.

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Remote IP Camera