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Howe Sound B.C. Canada


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Jan 2010
Earth Cam Top 10
Ferry IP Cam won EarthCam Top 10 cams!

Horseshoe Bay is a hub of ferry activity all year round. Scheduled service runs to Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island.

Check the links for each ferry. Combined with the marine traffic and pleasure boats, this hi res IP cam is pretty busy.

There are many ferries!







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In this new world order and economy there is a move towards “ making people feel happy” less stressed and creating “fun”. Our team knows how to constantly change, progress, use interactive applications and creativity that will keep your consumer attached to your business.

We created a Grizzly HI Res project where we filmed bears in their natural habitat. We created a member platform where people can share, exchange and talk about saving bears and raising a habitat consciousness for a global audience. Then we created a fun application that bridges the gap between wild creatures and human personalities.

Take the 'what is your bear personality' quiz, see what type of Grizzly bear you are!


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Here's a great example of a viral app. our team created. Comparing wild Grizzlies with human personalities:
Your Bear Personality
Which one are you? Click the image to find out!


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